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Frost damage can occur at any time between September and mid March.  Frost can cause the cell contents of plants to freeze.  Water expands when it freezes so frost can result in cells rupturing and dying.  Tree bark may split and develop cankers as a result of frost damage.  Buds can be damaged or killed from frost if late frosts occur in springtime.  Damage results in a reduced production of flowers and fruits.  In addition fruit itself can be damaged by frosts.  Smaller trees that are vulnerable to frost damage can be protected with horticultural fleece. 

Have you thought of having a wildflower meadow rather than a lawn?

Establishing a wildflower meadow on an area of turf is definitely financially cost-effective to organizations. Little or no money needs to go into pesticides.  The costs of paying for garden maintenance are decreased because less mowing is required.  

Areas of finely mown turf are valuable to wildlife because blackbirds, thrushes and starlings like to each invertebrates such as leatherjackets and worms.  However, wildflower meadows support a wide range of wildlife.  For example ox eye daisies attract a wide range of insects.

Add a Mulch to Improve Plant Growth and Much More

Mulches help to reduce competition as they suppress weeds. 

Weeds can take away important nutrients that newly planted trees want so it is a good idea to use a mulch. 

Mulches also reduce erosion and improve the water holding capacity of the soil. 

Mulches provide nutrients for plants when they eventually break down.

We can buy wood chips for you and put them in place to keep weeds at bay.  Our services are only a phone call away...

Container Plant Maintenance


Watering containers is essential because container compost can dry out quickly.  During spells of hot weather containers need to be watered at least daily.  We should water the container plants using a can and rose.  A rose ensures that the water that is poured onto the container compost is distributed evenly and lightly.

The container should be at least inspected daily.  If weather is hot the container should be inspected twice daily.  When we can see that water is required we should fill the container up to the rim and let it drain out.

Betula pendula

Autumn is the best time of year to plant trees/shrubs.  We can plant trees/shrubs and keep them healthy with our professional knowledge.

Betula pendula


These trees tolerate pollution so they are suitable for industrialised sites.  The silvery white trunks of these trees provide interest in gardens, parklands and areas of woodland situated throughout the UK. 

These trees are ideal for wildlife gardens because they support many animals.  They support over 3000 insect species.  These insects are preyed upon by a wide range of garden birds.

Hanging Basket Liners

We create custom made hanging baskets - what lining would you decide upon?  Below is a quick review of the liners available

Spagnum moss

We can use sphagnum moss to line hanging baskets.  Using sphagnum moss creates more interest for the viewer because moss is a living thing.  It continues to live when positioned next to the soil used in a hanging basket.  If we use sphagnum moss plants can easily be manipulated so that they grow through the sides of hanging baskets. 

A disadvantage of using sphagnum moss to line hanging baskets is that it is quite expensive.

Pruning Prunus laurocerasus (Common laurel)

These shrubs are often seen in gardens.  They are ideal for screening.  They grow very quickly so it is necessary to prune them frequently so that their size is kept in check.  

Use secateurs to prune.  These plants are a large leaved shrubs so they should be pruned with secateurs.  This avoids leaves being cut.  If a hedge trimmer is used large leaves invariably get cut and die.  Cut leaves are unattractive and dying leaves are even more unattractive so we should not use a hedge trimmer when pruning these shrubs.


We can source well developed pyracanthas at good prices!  Want a nice shrub on an unsightly wall - this type of plant might be exactly what you are looking for!


These shrubs can be grown as free-standing shrubs or trained against walls and fences.  Alternatively they can be used as hedging.  Clusters of small white flowers appear in June and these are followed by a bright display of orange berries. 


These shrubs look appropriate in cottage/informal gardens.  They can be trained up walls or grown as free-standing shrubs.

Wild Flowers from Seed

We can create a wild flower area/meadow for you.  Spring or Autumn is the time to sow.  


How to Create

Wildflower meadows are best located on land that we know to be infertile.  Fertile soil encourages the growth of grasses and weeds that will in time overwhelm our wildflowers.  The grass seeds that we select should be comparatively fine and slow growing as this restricts competition and allows our wildflowers to flourish. As a general guide 5 grams of grass and wildflower seed should be distributed evenly over each sq m of ground.


We can carry out scarification for you using a wire rake or a scarifier. 

‘Thatch’ forms in areas of turf.  Thatch is dead or decaying plant matter which accumulates in turf.This thatch needs to be raked away or removed mechanically.    

Moss can also present a problem in areas of turf.  Lawn weeds are invariably a problem in areas of turf.

We can remove thatch, moss and weeds that have a creeping habit by the process of scarification.  This involves using a wire rake or a scarifier to remove these materials from turf.
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